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Glowing youth: Philodromus sp. July 25, 2009

Filed under: Spiders — Martin John Brown @ 1:08 pm

I was delighted the other day when I found a tiny spider in the grooved frame of an open skylight, because its red color was so incredible — like the sunset coming through a glass of pinot noir, but in tiny spider form. :)  These pictures capture the color, but not the glow.

photos from sources at

photos from sources at

It quickly ran away on to the roof — leaving my best guess for an ID as an immature Philodromus, or running crab spider, perhaps Philodromus marxi or rufus.  If so it would have been waiting in ambush for some poor prey to wander in, where it would come out and pounce. Anyway, perhaps it’s characters like this who are the reason the inside of my house seems so free of insects.


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